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Italic eCommerce

Italic is an online marketplace that gives members a curated shopping experience in a bunch of different categories (women's and men's apparel, home and kitchen goods, fitness equipment, pet supplies, and more), and uses the same manufacturers as brands like Prada, Alo Yoga, Miu Miu, and Tod's to develop its products.

The Challenge

Shopify Replacement

The goal of the project was to create a fully custom software solution to replace their existing Shopify implementation. The company wanted to have more flexibility in creating a unique online shopping experience for their customers, and they believed that a custom solution would be more effective at achieving this goal than their existing platform.


Increased Monthly GMV 6x

We were responsible for helping to launch this full featured system, and it was met with amazing success. The custom software build provided a major boost to's online presence, and the company saw a drastic increase in revenue as a result. This success can be attributed to the unique features and functionality that the custom solution provided, which helped to differentiate from its competitors. Overall, the project was a resounding success, and the custom software build played a major role in the company's ability to increase its online presence and revenue. The company is now well-positioned to continue growing and expanding its online store in the future, thanks to the flexibility and capabilities of the custom solution.


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